• Eyes on the road - short

    director: Stefanie Kolk
    producer: Miel van Welzen @ New Ams film company
    cinematographer: Martijn Melis
    gaffer: Sander Idema
    colorist: Qianwei Tong @ Captcha

    Driving back home from a festival abroad, and with nothing but each other’s company in a confined space for hours on end, Alex, Indy and Menna talk about trivial as well as grave issues. Like the situation their friend Tim is currently in, and which nobody really knows how to deal with. Inevitably, someone makes a dumb remark, the women get on each other’s nerves, barbs are exchanged and quickly retracted. Maybe they should just call him to see how he’s holding up?

    • Locarno Film Festival Selection Pardi di Domani 2019
  • Eyes on the road
  • Eyes on the road
  • Eyes on the road
  • Eyes on the road

Eyes on the road